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We For Animals - Web Designing

Terms And Conditions 

          Web designing by us for animal lovers  is NOT a business venture.  It is part of our service to the like-minded people and organizations to help them succeed in their efforts to  improve the condition of animals and spread the message of compassion far and wide..  It is also our way to say to our animal friends, that we care.  

2.       Continuance of this offer is subject to availability of free services of volunteer webmasters to We For Animals. 

3.        If the proposed cost of designing (i.e. Rs. 125/- per page) is found to be inadequate to meet our overhead expenses, it may be enhanced at any time. 

4.       We For Animals reserves the right to refuse to accept a request for web designing,  if it is felt that the website in question is not animal-related and/or does not serve the interests of pets, animals, birds, wildlife or environment.  In such a case, payment if any made by the person concerned will be refunded to him. 

5.        Every website designed by We For Animals under this offer will carry the following links: 

         “Website designed by:”  and  

         “We For Animals – Let us be kind to the animals” 

6.       These terms and conditions can be revised any time at the sole discretion of We For animals. 

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