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Get a web site


          One of the most effective ways to share your thoughts with others and to let the world know about yourself  and your work is to have a website. 


         The process of getting a web site is comprised of the following three ingredients:



1.    Web Designing: Creation of a website involves selection of a template (editable web design) and the material to be put in it both text and graphics.    


       If you are an animal lover, a pet owner, a vet or an animal welfare organization, you can have your website designed by We For Animals on a  NO PROFIT basis.


2.    Domain Name: It is the unique address of your website on the world wide web (Examples: www.weforanimals.com,  www.google.com, etc). 

    You can buy a domain name independently or get it free as part of a hosting plan.

Is the Domain Name of your choice available?  Find out HERE.




3.    Hosting: To put your website on the internet you need space for it on the web.  The expenditure on hosting will depend on how much space you require and what kind of services you need. Some of the companies also offer free hosting

         Here are two hosting options for you.

         Any questions?   Ask us.


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          Make your presence on the web 

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